At MULTI, we take pride in achieving operational excellence, even with our modest yet diverse team.
Our strength is amplified by capable, technical, and immensely skilled third-party experts who share
our unwavering work ethic. company’s work ethic.

Our fundamental values of strong leadership, unwavering integrity, teamwork, and a pursuit of excellence form the foundation of how we collaborate to deliver efficient and secure operational services to our clients. Our employees also hold immense value, not just for their contributions, but for the approach they bring.

At MULTI, our enthusiasm for our work shines through in everything we do.


Russell Vallie

Mr. Russell Vallie initiated his career at the Water and Sewage Authority as a Sewage Operator working his way up to the position of Works Superintendent 111.During those thirty-three years, he managed and maintained several sewage treatment plants including those in San Fernando, Trincity, Arima, Chaguaramas, Point Fortin and Beetham.

​ He eventually brought his vast expertise into Multi and has brought a wealth of knowledge into every aspect of our operations.

​ Mr. Vallie is a qualified wastewater operator having received a Certificate in Wastewater Systems from the International Correspondence School, USA and several other courses in management and wastewater operations and treatment along the way.

He currently sits on the board of Directors and has held this position since the company’s inception.
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Derwin Vallie

Derwin is a currently a director at Multi Industrial and Utility Company Limited and has over Ten (10) years’ experience in the oil and gas and wastewater industry; working as a plant operator at Farmland Miss Chem Ltd (now Point Lisas Nitrogen Limited) and approximately Two (2) years and as a foreman performing domestic and commercial sewerage maintenance for Eight (8) years abroad.

Derwin also has several qualifications in the oil & gas and wastewater sector which includes:

Diploma in Process Plant Operations – National Examinations Council

Certificate (Level 1) Wastewater Operator – Association of Boards of Certification, Iowa USA.
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Roy Harper

Mr. Roy Harper since company’s establishment sits on the board of Directors and brings a treasure of valuable capabilities and content to our institution. He was also employed at the Water and Sewage Authority, working as a Sewage Operator to Works Superintendent 111 spanning a period of Thirty-three years. Mr. Harper also oversaw and maintained several sewage treatment plants all over Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Harper is a qualified wastewater operator obtaining certifications as a Sewage Plant Operator from the International Correspondence School, USA; Certificate in Water and Wastewater Technology from the University of Oklahoma and a Certificate in Management Services from the Faculty of Social Sciences (UWI), Trinidad & Tobago.
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