The incorporation of the Safe to Work (STOW) framework within Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Sector has presented us with a valuable avenue to identify, adopt, and modernize industry-leading practices. Consequently, MULTI has harmonized its Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management System with the regulatory framework set forth in the OSH Act of 2004 (amended in 2006) and the EM Act of 2000 in Trinidad and Tobago. This alignment has culminated in the successful attainment and sustained retention of our STOW certification. 

Our unwavering commitment resides in perpetually refining HSE performance, meticulously managing all facets of our HSE management systems in strict accordance with both local regulations and STOW prerequisites. This commitment is bolstered by our dedication to provide our workforce with a conducive and secure working environment.

To realize this ambition, we pledge to:

  • Foster a collaborative and secure workspace that empowers our team to operate effectively
    and safely.
  • Elevate personal safety awareness among our team members through comprehensive
    safety-oriented training.
  • Allocate resources to uphold an elevated standard of HSE practices.
  • Ensure that our personnel are competent, well-trained, and equipped to execute their tasks
    in a secure manner.
  • Institute robust systems aimed at minimizing incidents, safeguarding equipment, and
    preserving the environment.
  • Vigilantly monitor our management system’s efficacy and engage external entities in our
    continuous improvement and auditing endeavors.

MULTI, as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), takes immense pride in upholding and aligning itself with such exacting standards, a commitment evident over the past nine years, notably underscored by a remarkable absence of recorded lost time incidents.

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